An ologist is someone who knows a lot.

I don’t know a lot yet but I know I want to be an ologist.

And did you know that the world is CHOCK full of ologists? They are running around everywhere.

Ruby Frost is SO lucky.
She’s a knowitallologist already.

I think Paul Picklebottom has real potential too.
He could be a noseyparkerologist.

There’s a whole alphabet of ologists. I found these ones hiding
in the dictionary:
* archaeologist (digs in the dirt)
* apologist (says sorry a lot)
* campanologist (rings bells all the time)
* horologist (makes and fixes watches)
* lexicologist (studies words)
* neologist (studies new words)
* oologist (knows a lot about birds eggs)
* speleologist (explores caves)
* zoologist (knows all about animals).

There are so many ology options to consider.

A chocologist is probably my first choice of ologist because I’d have to eat lots of chocolates and I’m already good at that.

What kind of ologist do you want to be when you grow up?

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