Part 1

‘I met a Martian this morning,’ said Harriet Bright as she unpacked
her school bag.

It was 8.45 am on Monday and the Year Fours were in their classroom.

‘Did you?’ said Reece Thomas, looking up from his Superman comic. ‘What kind of Martian?’

‘The usual kind,’ said Harriet Bright, putting her lunch in her desk. ‘A green extraterrestrial with yiCky-stiCky skin who lives on Mars.’

‘AS IF!’ said Paul Picklebottom, slouching in his chair. ‘Mars is the God of War. A Martian might travel all the way across the galaxy to meet a fierce warrior like ME. Not a GROTTY GIRL like you.’

‘If Harriet says she met a Martian then she met a Martian,’ said Melly Fanshawe, Harriet Bright’s best friend in the whole world. ‘Was it a girl Martian or a boy Martian, Harriet?’

‘It was a girl Martian,’ said Harriet.

‘But what’s a girl Martian doing here?’ said Ruby Frost, who had an inquiring mind. ‘Mars is 78 million kilometres away from Earth. Is she lost in space?’

‘No,’ said Harriet Bright. ‘There was a special deal on so a whole bunch of Martians came here for a holiday.’

Ruby Frost, who was prone to panic, screamed. ‘Are we being invaded?’ she cried. ‘Should I tell Mum to cancel my violin lesson after school?’

‘No,’ said Harriet Bright. ‘Invasion isn’t on their list of things to do today. They’re climbing the Harbour Bridge and catching the ferry to Manly to eat fish and chips on the beach.’

‘Did your Martians come here on a spaceship?’ said Reece Thomas.

‘Yes,’ said Harriet Bright. ‘A spaceship with a 3D movie theatre, a wave pool, a galaxy adventure playground, an ice-cream parlour with astronomically delicious flavours, and a Milky Way restaurant with Plutonian pancakes.’

‘Liar, liar, pants are on fire,’ sang Paul Picklebottom.

‘I am NOT a liar on fire,’ said Harriet Bright. ‘I really did meet a Martian. And I took a photo of her for my MAGNIFICENT MOMENTS scrapbook. Do you want to see it?’

They all crowded around to look at her camera.

(if the Martians don’t get her first!)

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