Part 2
(read Part 1 to catch up on the breath-taking drama so far)

‘There’s nothing there,’ said Paul Picklebottom.

‘You have to look really closely,’ said Harriet Bright. ‘Martians are very shy so they scrunch themselves up so that you can hardly see them.’

‘They’ve very good at it,’ said Melly Fanshawe, peering at the screen. ‘But I think I can see something. Is that her?’ She pointed to the top corner of the screen.

‘It’s a SMUDGE,’ said Paul Picklebottom.

‘It’s an ALIEN smudge,’ said Reece Thomas. ‘She looks nice, Harriet.’

‘Marta IS nice,’ said Harriet Bright.

‘Is Marta your new friend?’ said Ruby Frost. ‘I didn’t know you were looking for a new friend.’

‘When you said I was your best friend in the whole world,’ said Melly Fanshawe,’ did that mean the universe too?’

Harriet Bright nodded.

‘Does Marta go to school on Mars?’ said Reece Thomas.

‘Yes, and they’re studying humans,’ said Harriet Bright.

‘They want humans for their horrid experiments,’ said Paul Picklebottom, ‘like SUCKING our brains out through our nostrils.’

‘Marta wouldn’t do that,’ said Harriet Bright.

‘The Ancient Egyptians did that,’ said Ruby Frost. She was the best in the class at history.

‘Marta’s got a special project for the holidays,’ said Harriet Bright. ‘She wants to set up ICE – an Intergalactic Cultural Exchange between Earth kids and Mars kids. I’m going to take her to our leader – Mrs Glossia. If -‘

There was a sudden BURST of noise from the corridor.

‘SOMETHING’S HAPPENING,’ shouted Melly Fanshawe.

They clattered out of the classroom and into the corridor as fast as they could.

It had been a long time since something had happened.

(if whatever’s happening in the corridor doesn’t keep happening …)

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