Part 3 (if you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 you will be totally confused!)

The corridor was full of green children. They were singing:
Here a Martian.
There a Martian.
Everywhere a Martian, Martian.

‘It must be fancy dress for the junior school,’ said Ruby Frost. ‘They’ve got the best costumes ever. They really look like Martians.’

‘That fake skin is so ALIEN,’ said Melly Fanshawe, touching one of the green children.

Then they saw Mr Moody, the sports teacher, being carried past on a stretcher.

‘What happened to Mr Moody?’ said Reece Thomas.

‘Someone said he fainted during PE with the juniors,’ said Ruby Frost.

‘He probably saw a Martian,’ sniggered Paul Picklebottom. ‘They’re everywhere today.’

Harriet Bright blushed. ‘But -‘ she said.

‘I don’t think your Martian was real, Harriet,’ said Melly Fanshawe. ‘One of the juniors has HOODwiNKed you. It could have happened to anyone.’

‘Yeah, anyone with a pea brain,’ said Paul Picklebottom. ‘Let’s go. Before we bump into KING KONG!’

Everyone laughed.

‘No, wait,’ said Harriet Bright. ‘Marta is -‘

But they had all walked away.

Harriet Bright was alone in the corridor when the space probe flew through the window and opened out into a hologram of Marta:

Hello, Harriet
Sorry I didn’t meet your leader but my primary life forms XP1a and ZP2b decided to leave early after the seagulls ate all their chips at Manly. When they landed the spaceship on your school oval, some little humans were there, jumping in the air. They were very excited to meet us and wanted to come to Mars. So they did!

We left the big human who was with them behind. He made a lot of noise when he saw us and then fell backwards. We have studied non-verbal communication at space school and deduced this meant: I DON’T WANT TO GO TO MARS.

Some of our little Martians wanted to stay on Earth. So they did! ICE has begun. Can the Martianettes stay with you and your primary life forms Mum and Dad, please? They’re small and scrunchy so they won’t take up too much space.

Would you like to come to Mars one day? We could take the Galaxy Hop and visit Pluto. I know it’s your favourite planet.


Love from Marta Martian

THE END (really and truly)

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